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Cohort 1
Cohort 2
Cohort 3
Cohort 4
Cohort 5
Cohort 6

Abstract - Cohort 1

Abstract - Cohort 2

  • Dr. Allen Oppong

  • Dr. Usman Alhassan

  • Dr. IFIE Elohor Beatrice

    Striga hermonthica (Del.) and low soil nitrogen (low N) are among the most important constraints to maize production and productivity in West Africa (WA). Knowledge and understanding of the inheritance of Striga resistance and low N tolerance in early maturing maize inbreds are invaluable in developing hybrids adapted to both low N and Striga-infested environments in WA.The objectives of the… Full Abstract

  • Dr. COULIBALY Adama Mamadou

  • Dr. SAKO Dramane

  • Dr. GOITA Oumarou

  • Dr. THOMPSON. N .A Ruth

  • Dr. ODURO Viviane

  • Dr. TRAORE Valentin Stanislas Edgar

  • Dr. DAO Abdalla

Abstract - Cohort 3

Abstract - Cohort 4

Abstract - Cohort 5

Abstract - Cohort 6