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Dr. Agyemang Danquah - Profile

 Dr. Agyemang Danquah

   PhD, Plant Biology, Paris Saclay (Paris Sud 11, Orsay)


   Coordinator, Academic Programmes, WACCI

   Lecturer, Crop Science Department

   University of Ghana


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Agyemang  holds a BSc in Agriculture (2005) from the University of Ghana, where he graduated with first class honours. In 2007, he won a Visiting Graduate Research Fellowship to train in bioinformatics, marker assisted selection and other molecular biology techniques at the University of Virginia, USA. While there, he conducted experiments to study drought tolerance mechanisms and the regulation of gene expression under water-stress condition in cowpea using NimbleGen microarray. This study formed the basis of his MPhil thesis. Agyemang enrolled in the Plant Molecular Biology PhD programme at the Université Paris Sud, Orsay (France) in 2009, which was jointly funded by French Embassy in Ghana, the Université Paris Sud and the University of Ghana. His PhD research was conducted at the Unité de Recherche en Génomique Végétale (URGV) and was part of a multilateral European (ADYSARC) project aimed at understanding the molecular basis of plant responses to combination of multiple abiotic stresses. During his PhD studies, Agyemang also served as a member of the Association Doc’en Herbe (Plant Science PhD Students Association) that organized the 3rd European Plant Science PhD Retreat in Orsay, France. Agyemang is currently a lecturer at the Department of Crop Science, University of Ghana. He also serves as the Coordinator for the Teaching Programme at the West Africa Centre for Crop Improvement (WACCI). He is a member of the team that developed the innovative MPhil Seed Science and Technology curriculum under the WACCI-Africa Centre of Excellence (ACE) World Bank project to train seed scientists and technologists for sub region. His research interest is in understanding various molecular mechanisms involved in plant responses to single and combined abiotic stresses, innovative techniques for gene identification and the genetic manipulation of crop plants for resistance against these stresses.



  • PhD Plant Biology, University Paris South 11, Orsay, France, 2009-2013
  • MPhil Crop Science, University of Ghana, 2006-2008
  • BSc Agricultural Science, University of Ghana, 2001-2005



Awards and Honors

  • 2015: Dow Agrosciences,  African Visiting Scientist Program, Indianapolis, USA
  • 2013: Awarded “mention trés honourable” (Distinction) at PhD level, Université Paris Sud, Orsay, France
  • 2013: Split-cost scholarship by the French Embassy in Ghana, the University of Ghana and the Université Paris-Sud
  • 2007: Visiting Graduate Research Fellowship to train in bioinformatics, Marker Assisted Selection (MAS) and other molecular biology                 techniques, and conduct MPhil research at University of Virginia, USA. Fellowship awarded by Kirkhouse Trust
  • 2005: First class award at the BSc level at the University of Ghana, Legon
  • 2005: Winner of the Academic Excellence Award for outstanding academic performance at BSc Level by Legon Hall, University of Ghana
  • 1998: Best Student Award (in Physics, Chemistry and Elective Mathematics) at second year at Mpraeso Senior Secondary School                           Education



Professional Experience

  • 2014-date     Lecturer, Department of Crop Science,  University of Ghana
  • 2014-date     Associate Faculty and Coordinator, Academic Programmes,  WACCI, University of Ghana
  • 2013             Visiting Scientist, WACCI, University of Ghana



Conferences, Workshops & Meetings

  • 2019:  The International Tropical Agriculture (TROPAG) conference, Brisbane, Australia. [Poster Presentation]
  • 2019:  The Maiden International Conference of the African Plant Breeders Association, Accra, Ghana. [Facilitator & Chairman of Local                Organizing Committee]
  • 2019:  The Plant and Animal Genome Conference XXVII, San Diego, CA, USA. [Inivted speaker]
  • 2018:  WACCI International Conference on Food and Nutrition Security in Africa, Accra, Ghana. [Facilitator & Co-Chair of Local                          Organizing Committee]
  • 2018:  Agricultural-based Africa Centres of Excellence workshop on Developing the next generation of agricultural researchers and                           professional in Africa: role of ACEs, Kano, Nigeria. [Participant]
  • 2017:  Cornell Alliance for Science Advanced Course for Global Leadership Fellows, Cornell University, Ithaca, USA. [Participant]
  • 2017:  The International Tropical Agriculture (TROPAG) conference, Brisbane, Australia. [Invited speaker]
  • 2017:  Staff Retooling workshop on Governance, People Management, Communication Skills and Project Management organized by                        KPMG, Accra, Ghana. [Participant]
  • 2017:  Innovative Teaching and Learning, Fundraising and Gender Balance in Education workshop, Benue State University, Makurdi,                       Nigeria. [Participant]
  • 2017:  Intra-Africa Coordinators Meeting and Intra-Africa Cluster Meeting on Project and Mobility Management, Brussels, Belgium.                        [Awardee & Participant]
  • 2016:  Golden Gate Design for Automation DNA Assembly, Norwich, England.  [Participant]
  • 2016:  Crop Engineering Consortium (CEC) Workshop and Grand Challenges Annual Meeting, London, England. [Participant]
  • 2016:  GhanaVeg Grantees Workshop, Accra, Ghana. [Participant]
  • 2016:  Fifth Africa Centres of Excellence (ACE) Project Workshop, Accra, Ghana. [Participant]
  • 2015:  Basic Research to Enable Agriculture Development (BREAD) annual awardee meeting, Arlington Virginia, USA. [Awardee &                     Participant]
  • 2014:  First African Plant Breeding Academy (AfPBA), A Continuous Professional Development Workshop on Plant Breeding, Nairobi,                   Kenya. [Participant]
  • 2014:  Validation Workshop on West Africa Biosciences Institutional Landscape Survey, Nairobi, Kenya. [Participant]
  • 2014:  Consultation Workshop on Demand-Led Plant Variety Design (DLPVD), Nairobi, Kenya. [Participant]
  • 2014:  Workshop on Mobilization of Biosciences Human Resources for Enhanced Agricultural Productivity in West Africa, Dakar, Senegal.              [Participant]
  • 2012:  Fourth European Plant Science Retreat for PhD Students, John Innes Centre, Norwich UK. [Poster Presentation]
  • 2011:  Utrecht Summerschool on Environmental Signaling, Utrecht, The Netherlands. [Participant]
  • 2009:  Second PLANTnet PARIS Symposium, Versailles, France. [Participant]
  • 2007:  Marker Assisted Selection Training Workshop on the Use of Molecular Markers for Characterization of Genetic Resources                              conducted at the Biotechnology Centre, University of Ghana, Legon in conjunction with the Institute for Genomic Diversity                          Cornell University, USA and funded by Kirkhouse Trust. [Participant]
  • 2007:  Third ECOWAS Ministerial Conference on Biotechnology, Accra, Ghana. [Resource person & Participant]
  • 2006:  Public awareness and experience sharing workshop on “Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Who benefits?” organized by                   Friends of the Earth Ghana/Nigeria, Accra, Ghana. [Participant]
  • 2005:  Validation workshop on field trials on methyl bromide alternatives, organized by Department of Crop Science, University of Ghana,               Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), UNDP and PPRSD of Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA), Dodowa, Ghana.                         [Participant]
  • 2005:  First COCOBOD Conference for the promotion of local consumption of cocoa products and 24th Biennial Conference of the Ghana               Science Association (GSA), Accra, Ghana. [Oral Presentation]