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Dr. Beatrice Elohor Ifie

Dr. Ifie has spent years at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture IITA, Ibadan.At IITA, she worked as an intern, later as a collaborator and also as a research fellow for two years. She also taught Biology at the Government Secondary School Gembu, Taraba State.
Her PhD Thesis research focused on the Genetic Analysis of Striga resistance and low soil nitrogen tolerance in early maturing maize inbred lines.
As a scientist, she has presented and participated in a number of international conferences and workshops such as the ‘The modern and visionary African plant breeder conference in Nairobi, Kenya.

Dr. Ifie has also volunteered in places such as the Sarduana Local government prison education where she taught English language to prisoners. She is a Nigerian and currently lives in Ghana with her two children. Dr. Ifie is very zealous about her work and passionate in achieving results. WACCI is proud to have her on the team.