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Macbeth Appiah Dankwah

Quality seeds are prerequisite to successful agriculture and constitute a major pathway for the achievement of national food security goals of every country. Upscaling certified seed usage and matching applications of other simple technologies can lead to doubling of current crop yields and enable Ghana’s agriculture to play its food security role more creditably both within and outside its borders. As a Seed Inspector with the Ghana Seed Inspection Division of the Plant Protection & Regulatory Service Directorate of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, I’m involved in the regulation and monitoring of seed production, exportation, importation and commercial transaction in seeds and related matters. To me regulation in the seed industry is not about policing as many Seed enterprises in Africa perceive but seeing more African seed enterprises produce and market quality (certified) seeds under their own responsibilities for farmers across the continent to improve their yields and livelihoods.
Mac holds a BSc degree in Agriculture (Crop Science) from the University of Ghana. He has gained experience in providing technical support to Farmers and Agribusiness individuals over the past 5 years with particular interest in Plant protection related matters. Aspiring to be a Seed Scientist, I look forward in the short term, to gleaning best practices, the science and technology relevant to my field via my studies at WACCI and other stakeholders in the seed value chain and in the long term help many farmers in Africa understand the benefits of certified seeds usage.