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Professor K. Ofori

Genetic variability in crops as manifested in morphological or molecular diversity is essential for crop improvement leading to the production of preferred crop types. Assembling characterization and evaluation of crop germplasm are key steps towards selection of new varieties for direct production or for use in hybridization programmes. My research objectives over the years have been in these areas; Morphological characterization of local legume and vegetable crops. Quantitative variability and expected genetic gain from selection among variable crop entries. Exploitation of variability through selection for production and hybridization aimed at improving earliness to maturity fruit/seed yield and quality. Teaching and Administration I have been a member of staff at the Department of Crop Science since August 1989 teaching Plant Breeding and Biometry at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Between 2002 and 2004 I was on sabbatical at the University of the South Pacific responsible for similar assignments.


Vision for WACCI Establishment of this centre is a timely intervention to initiate a comprehensive programme for sustainable crop improvement in the West African sub-region. I can visualize a centre of excellence where crop varieties are developed and released to meet the specific needs of farmers breeders general and specific markets of the region and beyond.


Selected Publications


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