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Victoria Sackey

My name Victoria Sackey, a Ghanaian and graduate student at the West Africa Center for Crop Improvement pursuing an MPhil Program in Seed Science and Technology, University of Ghana, had my bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Science, majored in Crop Science also at the University of Ghana. I did my undergraduate research work on the topic ‘the efficacy of Microorganisms (effective microorganism ) in making nutrient available for plant use in soilless medium.
I have had the opportunity doing internships with Forest and Horticultural Crop Research Center (FOHCREC), Kade-University of Ghana  (where morphology of some selected crop plants was studied including their pest, diseases and economic benefits as well as their establishment and maintenance), Soil and Irrigation Research Center (SIREC) , Kpone-University of Ghana(where the effective way of managing Akuse soils for swampy crops cultivation and effective way of irrigating crop to ensure judicious use of water resources for crop use was studied), Livestock and Poultry Research Center (LIPREC), Ashley Botwe-University of Ghana (where livestock and poultry management was taught) all in 2013.
Workshops I have also had the opportunity to attend include: Improving Agriculture Research through Access to library E-Resources in Ghana organized by ITOCA , held at the University of Ghana in November 2018, AGORA and TEEAL Training of the Trainer workshop held at Plant Genetic Resources Research Institute, Bunso in 2016, Food Security, the Role of the Youth in Agriculture-University of Ghana,   College of Basic and Applied Sciences-School of Agriculture in 2015, The Graduate, Cooperate World and Employment Organized by Pentecost   Student and Associate Business Chamber and spearheaded by the 2015 Leavers’ Committee-University of Ghana in 2015, Strategic Investment, Creating Fortunes Today in 2014, Enterprenurialship, Resourcing to Employ Organized by Pentecost Student and Associate Business Chamber-University of Ghana in 2013 just to mention a few. I worked with Plant Genetic Resources Research Institute, an Institute of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research as a service person with the Plant Diversity Division whose core mandate was germplasms collection, evaluation and characterization all over the country and also conserve them for future work in 2015/2016.From 2016 to August 2018, I worked with the Institute as a contract staff with the Commercialization, Information and Documentation Divisions. I was involved in a number of characterization, evaluation, documentation, conservation, distribution and utilization of germplasms. I look forward becoming a Research Scientist in Seed to contribute to food security as seed is an indispensable input in crop production.