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Dr. Nofou Ouedraogo

I was born in the Republique of Cote Ivoire where I studied until I obtained the Baccalaureat. ThereafterI went to my home country (Burkina Faso)where I got my Bsc andMsc degree. My father was both a trader and farmer. During vacationswe (my brothers and I) worked on the farm. This exposed us to working on some crops like maizecassavabananaand cowpea. EventuallyI developed a great interest for Agriculture. I started working at INERA on sorghumthen on maizeand finally Bambara groundnut on which I did my thesis research to obtain my Msc II. I wanted to keep working on that crop at the PhD level but things changed when I was admitted to do the WACCI PhD programme. My supervisor and I decided to focus our research on sorghum which is the major cultivated staple crop in Burkina Faso. Unfortunately its production is frequently low and it s limited by some constraints such as drought and weeds (Striga) etc. Howeverdrought also remains the major limitation of sorghum production in arid and semi-arid areas such as Burkina Faso. It is therefore necessary to develop high performance varieties of sorghum which would be tolerant to drought than the current varieties grown by farmers. This I believe would reduce the risk of famineand also will contribute to food security in my country.Effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction John F kennedy. So I am grateful to WACCI Programme for this opportunity given me.