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Dr. Beatrice Ifie


“I consider the Doctoral degree in Plant Breeding sponsored by AGRA at WACCI a breakthrough, a lifetime opportunity to further enhance my knowledge and fulfill my desire to help alleviate poverty in Africa.

Born in Nigeria, Beatrice Elohor Ifie is the first of eight children and married with a son. Her father, a retired Chevron staff and mother, a teacher, have been a source of great support. Now, she has the additional support of her husband, Mr. I. Ifie. Beatrice obtained a first degree in Botany at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Because of her interest in helping farmers through crop improvement, she proceeded to study Agriculture at the Masters level and obtained an MSc. degree in Plant Breeding in the department of Agronomy from the same university.
Studying at WACCI was an opportunity she was determined to seize at all costs, not even the fact that she was heavily pregnant with her first child could stop her from coming down to Ghana to enroll for the programme. “I hold dear the values of determination and hard work; the hungry and poor farmers in Nigeria and beyond need me. I cannot afford to let them down.”…Beatice says.