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WACCI conference presentations

Yemi Akinbamijo: Achieving a food secure Africa- breaking the glass ceiling

George Paul Kotch: A global initiative to modernize breeding approaches targeting food and nutrition security

Chiedozie Egesi: Modernizing cassava breeding in Africa: the NextGen Cassava example

Pangirayi Tongoona: Potential of hybrid maize in Ghana’s agricultural system

Cyril Diatta: GGE biplot analysis of tannin-free photo-insensitive sorghum parental lines and their hybrid combinations for yield and resistance to grain mold in Senegal

Peter Kulakow: Positioning cassava improvement to meet future food and industry needs in Africa

Isata Kamanda: Diversity Studies of Provitamin-A Cassava, Manihot esculenta crantz in Sierra Leone

Samuel Oppong Abebrese: Application of anther indehiscence with exerted stigma in hybrid rice breeding

Nikiema Zara Soutonnoma: Anthracnose disease resistant QTLs for resilient sorghum production in Burkina Faso

Joe DeVries: Myth, reality, and the African Green Revolution

Iago Hale: Have genome, will domesticate?  Realizing the promise of genomic resources for practical shea tree improvement

Abdulai Jalloh: Catalysing agricultural innovations for food and nutrition security in West and Central Africa:

The West and Central Africa Council for Agricultural Research and Development 2018-2027 Strategic Plan

Jean-Marc Boffa: Improvement of the shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa): challenges, risks, opportunities, demands, and steps taken to date

Francis K. Padi: Development of mapping populations and their characterisation for adaptive trait improvement in Shea

Naalamle Amissah: Domestication of Sheanut tree (Vitellaria paradoxa); the promise of a container layering technique

Djalal Arinloye Ademonla: Tree crop improvement and value chain development: lessons learned in the Sahel and African Humid Tropics

Victor Afari-Sefa: Vegetables for enhancing smallholder livelihoods and nutrition in Africa: trends, opportunities and emerging challenges

Janet Bornman: Production of sustainable, nutritious foods: exploring challenges and opportunities for optimum crop response to the environment

Dora Neina: Social and environmental trade-offs in African Agriculture: Relevance for nutrition and food security

Esi Komeley Colecraft: Multidisciplinary implementation research to improve nutrition: lessons from Ghana

Miley Gonzalez: Convergence: Research and extension – mobilizing methods to confront emerging challenges

Ted Carey: Towards demand-led sweetpotato breeding in West Africa

Nigel Taylor: Applying modern biotechnology to enhance cassava for disease resistance and biofortification

Oliver Windram: Transcriptional rewiring: editing plant stress response networks

Seth Davis: The barley circadian clock is profoundly different than Arabidopsis

Bosco Bua: Trends and prospects in Biotechnology applications in Uganda

Darshna Vyas: SeqSNP tGBS as alternative for array genotyping in routine breeding programs

Marcel Nwalozie: Prospects for Attaining Rice Self-Sufficiency in Africa by 2025

Ramadjita Tabo: Food and nutrition security in the drylands of West Africa: challenges and opportunities

Emmanuel Okogbenin: Commercial breeding for agricultural transformation in Africa: the 2-line hybrid rice initiative of AATF

Michael Abberton: Enhancing utilisation of genetic resources in breeding programmes

Damian N. Njoku: Genetic improvement of cassava for post-harvest physiological deterioration

Elizabeth Parkes: Breeding for biofortified cassava for food and nutrition security

Maxwell Darko Asante: Breeding superior rice varieties for Ghana

Mercy Elohor Diebiru-Ojo: Benefit of semi autotrophic hydroponics in Cassava breeding cycle

Walter Alhassan: Sustaining and developing the vegetable industry in West Africa