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Koureissi Nana

When I was in secondary school, my dream was to become a medical doctor to save life or to become an agronomist to help farmers to produce quality seeds. I went to high school to study science biology after my baccalaureate level.

My interest in agriculture started during my baccalaureate level and my uncle asked me to go and read my bachelor degree at our national school of Agricultural (Institut Polytechnique Rural de Formation et de Recherche Appliquée (IPR/IFRA)) de Katibougou in Mali. I did my research in Soil Science program at unit Agro-climatology in our national Institute Economic Rural (IER) in Mali. Thanks to WACCI and DAAD for given this opportunity to me to continue my MPhil in Seed Science and Technology at University of Ghana. Seed is the most important input for crop production and so needs much attention to fight seed insecurity in West Africa and the world as a whole.

I would like to do my PHD in Seed Science and Technology so as to become a Seed Scientist if I get opportunity to do so that I will become a renowned seed scientist.