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Eligibility & Selection Criteria

Eligibility & Selection Criteria



The WACCI programme is specifically for full-time, professional plant breeders who will make their careers breeding new cultivars of food crops. Prospective student must have an MSc/MPhil in Plant Breeding, Plant Genetics, Plant Pathology, Horticulture, Crop Science, Applied Entomology or Applied Nematology, or an equivalent degree;


Selection Criteria:

Call for applications are advertised extensively, and applications are reviewed by the Graduate Admission Committee at WACCI


Criteria for scholarship shortlisting:

Prospective applicants will be ranked using weights placed on the following selection criteria described below.


Academic Records

The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of all applicants will be taken into consideration. The maximum point for this criterion is 60%.



Priority will be given to female applicants up to 42 years and male applicants up to 40 years for scholarship purposes. The maximum point for this criterion is 10%. Applicants above age 42 with funding are encouraged to apply.



To encourage female enrolment in order to ensure gender balance, Females are scored 10% and Males 8%. The maximum point for this criterion is 10%.


Relevance of previous courses taken

Relevant plant breeding courses and their contribution to their total credit hours of the applicant’s transcript will be taken in account. The maximum point for this criterion is 10%.


Regional Representation

To encourage regional participation, In-country applicants are scored 4% and In-region applicants are scored 5%. The maximum point for this criterion is 5%.


Language of tuition of previous degree of applicants

Language of instruction of the applicant’s previous degree is taken into consideration. Applicants tutored in English are scored 5% and applicants tutored in any other language are scored 3%. Applicants not tutored in English but with English Language proficiency certificate are scored 5%. The maximum point for this criterion is 5%.