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Victoria Frimpomaah

Victoria is a Ghanaian and currently pursuing MPhil Seed Science and Technology at West Africa Centre for Crop Improvement at the University of Ghana. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Since infancy she has desired to be an Agriculturist. She completed Kumasi Academy, whiles in Secondary school, she thought it wise to further study Agriculture at the university.

Vic has built her capacity in both the crop and animal subsector. She was trained as an intern at Kumah Farms Complex, where she undertook the following activities; growing of crops such as citrus, carrot, lettuce, etc. She was also a trainer of trainer on how to administer vaccine to piglets, and the preparation of concentrates and multi nutritional feed blocks for small holder ruminants. After school, she had the opportunity to work as service personnel at Crop Research Institute. She was assigned to the Root and Tuber division of the institute, specifically with the cassava commodity where various researches on cassava breeding and multiplication were conducted. Together with the researchers she developed and catalogued protocols for cassava hybridization, data collection, planting and the various management practices in sweet potato, cocoyam, taro, yam and cassava to help improve the productivity of farmers

Vic has a passion to unleash the potential of Ghana women in the seed value chain. In future she wants to promote gender inclusive agriculture in the context of building the capacity and knowledge of women in the seed value chain. She also seeks to develop the capacity of all stakeholders in the value chain through: promoting participation of input suppliers, stimulate innovations in the seed sector and improving service delivery to the marginalized in the seed business. She is willing to collaborate with all the industry players to ensure sustainable supply of seeds and its complementary services