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Dr. Sissoko Sory

I am from Mali born in Bamakothe third son of twelve children with two mothers. My Father and Mother were civil servants. I am married with two children. My Father loved Agriculture especially Agriculture and Medicine. With his influence I developed interest in Agriculture. I studied biological sciences inLycee in Maliand then left for Russia and Ukraine where I spent six years to getMaster of Science in Plant Genetic and Cytology from the State University of KharkovUkraine. My Molecular Genetic lecturer encouraged me to work in the area of agricultural researchaccording to her the development of Africa starts with the agriculture. In 1997I joined Research Institute of Mali (IER) in the cotton improvement program for 6 years. In 2006 I went for a training course ofNew varieties and Technology on cotton for African countries in the Academy of Agriculture and Forestry of HebeiShijiazhuang (China).I also worked in the program of mutational breeding of sorghum in the Rural Polytechnic Institute (IPRIFRA) of KatibougouMali during 3 years. In 2008 joined the University of Bamako especially on the program of research of Physiological and Environmental Stresses of sorghum. Agricultural activities occupy 70% of Mali s labor force. These activities are largely limited by numerous constraints (biotic and abiotic factors). I wish to bring my contribution in the struggle against these constraints. I find the WACCI programme as an avenue to learn more efficient techniques for developing new varieties of sorghum tolerant to drought. AfterwardI will return to Mali to pursue research on physiological and environmental stresses of sorghum in order to contribute to the improvement of the sorghum production and help increase farmer s income.