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Students' Research

Name Thesis Title Cohort Home Country
Dr. Alice Kosgei Genetic analysis of drought tolerance in chickpea (Cicer Arietinum L.) Cohort 3 Kenya
Dr. Lilian Tandzi Development of high-yielding and stable maize hybrids tolerant to acid soils of the tropical humid forest zones Cohort 3 Cameroon
Dr. Hortense Mafouasson Genetic analysis of maize tolerance to low soil nitrogen Cohort 3 Cameroon
Dr. Joseph Adjebeng-Danquah Genetic studies of physiological and morphological traits associated with drought tolerance in cassava genotypes Cohort 3 Ghana
Dr. Laouali Nasser Mahamane Study of combining ability and heterosis for yield and drought tolerance in tropical yellow maize Cohort 3 Niger
Dr. Batieno Benoit Joseph Genetic analysis of drought tolerance and resistance to macrophomina phaseolina in cowpea. Cohort 3 Burkina Faso
Padmore Adu-Antwi Cohort 3 Ghana
Kwakyewaa Nuako Cohort 3 Ghana
Sèssédè C. Almorin Xavier Cohort 3 Benin
Ackaah Francis Mensah Cohort 3 Ghana
Amissah A. Amanda Cohort 3 Ghana
Florian Ahloumessou Cohort 3 Benin
Koureissi Nana Cohort 3 Mali
Obawolu Bunmi Ganiyat Cohort 3 Nigeria
Atitsogbui Promise J. Cohort 3 Ghana